Thimagese mission of FIND MY HERO is to Honour all our Pakistani Heroes in Pakistan and around the Globe. To create awareness and a culture of appreciation and respect for our Heroes in sports, Education, science and technology, Armed forces, Artists, Showbiz Stars, Writers, Poets, Students, Journalist, lawyers, Judges and social workers etc.

FMH will provide platform to young Pakistanis to become real Heroes and role model. Scholarships will be provided to those individuals (Pakistani) who are talented and need financial assistance to further their education, skills, talent and abilities. Occasionally FMH will held and dedicate special awards to our Heroes and also provide financial assistance to them where necessary. FMH is a non-political organisation which has long-term objectives and goals, possessing the vision, zeal and determination to make a difference for Pakistan. Main source of funding will be membership fees and donations from public and any such organisations or institutions that support FMH’s Nobel cause of better Pakistan.

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