Musarat nazir

Musarrat Nazir is a singer and actress who sang and acted in many Urdu and Punjabi films. She also sang solo, mostly wedding and folk songs. She was born to a middle-class family on October 13, 1940. Her parents were of Punjabi origin from Lahore. Her father Nazeer Ahmed, worked for the municipal corporation as a registered contractor at the time of her birth.

Personal life[ .]

Musarrat married psychiatrist, Dr. Arshad Majeed and both of them settled in Canada in the mid 1960s.

Despite their meager resources, Musarrat’s parents wanted her to be a doctor. They provided her the best possible education they could afford. Musarrat passed the matriculation examination with distinction. Two years later, she passed the intermediate examination from Kinnaird College in Lahore.

Musarrat lives with her husband in Toronto, Canada. She has three children, Zeelaf, Azed and Omar Majeed all of whom are married and all have children of their own named Amir, Ismail, Rahim, and Sufjan. Musarrat has an outgoing personality and enjoys a good laugh. Even after she retired from cinema, years ago, she continued to sing for Pakistan television (PTV) until recently. Musarrat also loves to cook she mostly cooks curries, dai bela, and pasta and meatballs.

Career[ .]

She had keen interest in music and began singing for radio Pakistan. However, insufficient money from the radio took her to the film director, Anwar Kamal Pasha. She explained to Pasha about her strong desire to sing for the movies. Instead, Pasha suggested her to become an actress. Musarrat needed her parent’s approval. Pasha himself met Musarrat’s father and convinced him to allow his daughter to work in movie industry as a singer and actress.

Pasha changed Musarrat’s name to Chandni and signed her for a side role in his movie. Hence, Chandni made her debut with Nayyar Sultana in Pasha’s film ‘Qatil’ in 1955. Her role was secondary but forceful.

Sheikh Lateef of capital films Lahore planned to make a Punjabi film. Lateef’s friend, poet and script writer, Baba Aalam sia poash, advised him to cast Chandni (Musarrat) in the film. Sheikh Lateef agreed. This was the debut of Musarrat in Punjabi films, with a nickname Chandni, and then Chandni appeared in the hit Punjabi film, Patan, with her real name, Musarrat Nazeer.

She played the lead role opposite Santosh Kumar also. The producer was Sheikh Lateef and the film was directed by Luqman.

The film Patan opened the doors for Musarrat in the Punjabi film industry, which led her to the all time hit film Paatay Khan. She was the supporting actress. The film was Produced by Shami and Musarrat Nazeer acted along with Noor Jehan and Aslam Pervez.

Filmography[ .]

Musarrat also gave performances in Pakistan cinema’s greatest melodramas like the films Maahi munda and Yakkay wali. It is said that, the films Yaar beli, ‘Kartaar Singh’ andZeher-e-ishq were so interesting and emotional that they left audience with tears in their eyes.

Following is the list of Musarrat’s films:[1]

NaukriAankh ka nashahBaap ka gunahQismatNaya zamanaJattiWatanRazaSola aanayStreet number 77Gudda guddiLukkan metiSeestaanSaharaRukhsana,Thandi sarakPalkanSehtiSunehray sapnayMirza SahebaanJaaedaadJhoomarGulbadanIshq per zoar nahinChotay sarkaarMungoalMuft burGulfaamBahadur,BaaghiJaan-e-bahar.

The song Us bay wafa ka sheher hai in the mega-hit film Shaheed, is considered to be the most popular song even today.

One of Musarrat’s greatest achievements is the songs listed below:

  • Mera long gawaacha
  • Chalay to cut he jaaye ga safar aahistah, aahistah
  • Apnay haatoan ki lakiroan mein.
  • Lathe di chader uttay saleti rung mahiya
  • Chitta kukkar banairey tay
  • Nigar Award for best actress in 1958, for the film Zeher-e-ishq.
  • Nigar Award for best actress in 1959, for the film Jhoomar.

Best Actress Awards[ .]

Nigar Award for best actress in 1961, for the film Sh

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