Shabnam (born Jharna Basak on 17 August 1942) is an Bangladeshi stage and film actress. Actor Waheed Murad introduced her to Pakistani film industry by offering her a lead role in his film Samundar in 1968. Shabnam remained active in Lollywood in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s. She has been nominated for Nigar award several times, winning it 13 times (the most for an actress). She has appeared in over 180 films.

Early life[ .]

Shabnam is actually her film-name.[1] Her real name is Jharna Basak (Bengali: ঝর্ণা বসাক) born August 17, 1942.[2] Her father is Nani Basak, the well known Scout master and football referee from Dhaka. Shabnam is married to Robin Ghosh, a well known music composer.[3]

Career[ .]

She shot to fame[4] with the hit Bengali film Harano Din (1961) and attained all Pakistan stardom[5] with the box office Urdu hit Chanda(1962). Both the films were produced from Dhaka, East Pakistan.[6]

Talaash was an even bigger than all Pakistan hit[7] that followed next year. By the mid 1960s, she became one of the most popular actresses[8] of Pakistan. Professional commitments eventually took her to Karachi, Pakistan where she settled down in 1968. By the early 1970s, Shabnam[9] established her position in Lollywood (Lahore) to ultimately become the most popular heroine in the history of Pakistan films. She reigned supreme as an actress in Pakistan until the lull in the Pakistan film industry in the late 1980s. She is probably the only film actress in the world to have continuously and successfully played the romantic lead in films for almost three decades, from the early 1960s to the late 1980s.

Shabnam plays the leading role in Aina; which holds the distinction for being the longest running Pakistani film on record.1960’s popular song ‘Socha tha piyar na karenge’, picturized on Shabnum with Waheed Murad in film Ladla, written by Kaif Rizvani made her very popular.

Around 1988, she switched on to character acting[10] and was again doing films in her native Dhaka and Lahore. During her career of nearly 40 years she acted in about 180movies which included innumerable hits. She won the coveted Nigar award 13 times and also bagged the Pakistan National Award thrice. Her last film was the Bangla super hit “Amma Jan” (i.e. ‘Dear Mother’)1999, a Dhaka production in which she performed the title role.[2] She is now settled in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Shabnam lastly performed in movie ‘Aammajaan,’ directed by Kazi Hayat. She performed in that movie in the central role and it was released in 1999.

Filmography[ .]

Shabnam worked in total 160 films, including 152 Urdu films, 14 Bengali and 4 Punjabi films. Her debut film was an East Pakistani Bangali film. Her first Urdu film, i.e., Chanda was also picturised in East Pakistan.[11]

No. Year Film Language Actors

1 1958 Rajdhanir Bukey Bengali Jharna (Shabnam),

2  ? Kokhono Asheni Bengali Jharna (Shabnam)

3 1961 Harano Din Bengali Jharna (Shabnam), Rahman

4 1962 Chanda Urdu Sultana Zaman, Rehman, Shabnam, Subhash Datta

5 1963 Naach Ghar Urdu Shabnam, Mustafa, Nasima Khan

6 1963 Preet Na Jane Reet Urdu Shabnam, Khalil, Mustafa, Surraya, Deebo

7 1963 Talash Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Akbar, Rani Sarkar, Subhash Datta

8 1964 Karwan Urdu Shabnam, Haroon, Tarana, Badar-ud-din

9 1964 Paise Urdu Shabnam, Azeem, Akbar, Subhash Datta, Talish

10 1965 Akhri Station Urdu Rani, Haroon, Shabnam

11 1965 Kaise Kahun Urdu Shabnam, Khalil, Suhail

12 1965 Kajal Urdu Shabnam, Khalil, Anwar

13 1965 Saagar Urdu Shabnam, Azeem, Tarana

14 1966 Begana Urdu Shabnam, Khalil

15 1967 Darshan Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Mustafa

16 1968 Jahan Tum Wahan Hum Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Nirala

17 1968 Main Zinda Hun Urdu Shabnam, Sudhir, Ejaz

18 1968 Samandar Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Rozina, Hanif, Nirala, Qurban J.

19 1968 Sharik-e-Hayyat Urdu Shabnam, Syed Kamal, Sabira

20 1968 Tum Mere Ho Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Anwer Hussain, Sofia Bano

21 1969 Andleeb Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Aliya, Lehri, Mustafa Qureshi, Ibrahim Nafees, Baby Durdana, Talish

22 1969 Ladla Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Santosh, Sabiha, Lehri, Talish

23 1969 Naseeb Apna Apna Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Zamurrad, Nirala, Tamanna, Saqi

24 1969 Nazneen Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Qavi, Masood Akhtar, Rangeela

25 1969 Naaz Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Rangeela, Adeeb, Ilyas

26 1969 Qasm Us Waqt Ki Urdu Shabnam, Tariq Aziz, Rozina

27 1969 Aasra Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Rozina, Rattan Kumar, Mustafa Qureshi

28 1970 Chalo Maan Gaye Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Jalil Afghani

29 1970 Jaley Na Kyun Parwana Urdu Shabnam, Kamal, Nadeem, Saiqa, Lehri, Santosh, Rassal, Mustafa, Jalil Afghani

30 1970 Naya Savera Urdu Shabnam, Ejaz, Adeeb, Talish

31 1970 Shama Aur Parwana Urdu Rani, Nadeem, Shabnam, Ejaz, Aliya, Talish, Lehri, Rangeela

32 1971 Afshan Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Aliya, Aliya, Lehri, Tariq Aziz

33 1971 Charagh Kahan Roshni Kahan Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Asiya, Sangeeta, Qavi, Tariq Aziz, Lehri

34 1971 Dosti Urdu Shabnam, Ejaz, Rehman, Husna, Rangeela, Saqi, Tani, Talish

35 1971 Rootha Na Karo Urdu Shabnam, Kamal, Mahpara, Lehri, Talish

36 1972 Bandagi Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Talat Hussain, Santosh Rissal, Talish

37 1972 Ehsas Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Rangeela, Qavi, Talish, Jamshed Ansari, Lehri

38 1972 Mann Ki Jeet Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Sangeeta, Ejaz, Rangila, Nanha

39 1972 Mere Hamsafar Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Talish, Ilyas

40 1973 Anmol Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Afzaal, Munawar Saeed

41 1973 Badal Aur Bijli Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Shakeel, Andleeb, Qavi

42 1973 Gharana Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Shahid, Andleeb, Rangeela

43 1973 Nya Raasta Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Saiqa, Zeenat, Allauddin

44 1973 Naam Ke Nawab Urdu Shabnam, Kamal

45 1973 Society Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Husna, Aslam Pervez, Nanha, Talish, Qavi

46 1973 Zakhmi Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Tariq Aziz, Aslam Pervez

47 1973 Aas Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Aqeel, Nanha, Saiqa

48 1974 Aina Aur Soorat Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Aslam Pervez, Allauddin

49 1974 Bano Rani Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Husna, Rangeela, Lehri

50 1974 Chahat Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Shakeel

51 1974 Dhamaka Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh

52 1974 Dillagi Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Nimmo, Lehri, Talish, Rehan, Sultan Rahi

53 1974 Do Badan Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Kaveeta, Rangeela, Qavi, Nayyar Sultana

54 1974 Do Tasviren Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Asiya, Rehman, Qavi, Rangeela

55 1974 Intezar Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Mumtaz, Babra Sharif, Qavi

56 1974 Main Bani Dulhan Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Talish

57 1974 Miss Hippy Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Sabiha, Santosh, Munawar Zarif

58 1974 Qismat Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Sabiha, Alluaddin, Nanha

59 1974 Sawan Aya Tum Nahin Aye Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Rehman, Husna, Lehri, Tamanna

60 1974 Sharafat Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Qavi, Nayyar Sultana, Allauddin

61 1974 Aabroo Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Lahri, Mustafa Qureshi

62 1975 Anari Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Sangeeta, Mustafa Qureshi

63 1975 Badal Gaya Insaan Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Haidar, Saiqa, Lehri, Talish

64 1975 Be-misal Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Allauddin, Ali Raza, Saiqa

65 1975 Bikhrey Moti Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Kaifi, Sabiha, Talish

66 1975 Dil Nasheen Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Kaveeta, Nayyar Sultana, Lehri

67 1975 Do Saathi Urdu Shabnam, Rehman, Talish

68 1975 Farz Aur Mamta Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Aliya, Ejaz, Nimmo, Rangeela, Talish

69 1975 Jageer Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Deeba, Aslam Pervez, Qavi

70 1975 Milap Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Ada, Kumar, Aliya, Talish

71 1975 Paisa Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Qavi, Lehri

72 1975 Pehchan Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Sabiha, Qavi, Nayyar Sultana, Munawar Saeed

73 1975 Umang Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Ruhi Bano, Masood Akhtar, Talish

74 1975 Zanjeer Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Mustafa Qureshi, Qavi, Sabiha

75 1975 Zeenat Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Shahid, Munawar Zarif, Talish

76 1976 Anokhi Urdu Shabnam, Talat Iqbal, Najma, Kaveeta, Ghulam Mohiuddin

77 1976 Daman Ki Aag Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nadeem, Saiqa, Allaudin

78 1976 Do Aansoo Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Deeba, Shahid, Lehri, Nayyar Sultana

79 1976 Daag Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Aslam Pervez, Munawar Zarif

80 1976 Mom Ki Guria Urdu Shabnam, Ghulam Mohayyuddin

81 1976 Raja Jani Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Husna, Munawar Saeed

82 1976 Sachai Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Aurangzeb, Talish, Allauddin

83 1976 Sayyan Anari Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Ruhi Bano, Saiqa, Aslam Pervez

84 1976 Talash Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Babra Sharif, Mumtaz, Allauddin

85 1976 Tallaq Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Santosh, Lehri

86 1976 Aaj Aur Kall Urdu Shabnam, Rahat Kazmi, Talat Iqbal

87 1977 Aina Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Rehan, Bahar, Master Shehbaz, Nimmo, Qavi, Khalid Saleem Mota, Hanif

88 1977 Mere Huzoor Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Sabiha Khanum

89 1977 Naya Sooraj Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Munawar, Mustafa Qureshi

90 1977 Sangam Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Nimmo, Reshma, Lehri, Nayyar Sultana

91 1977 Shama-e-Mohabbat Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Ghulam Mohayuddin

92 1977 Uff Yeh Bivian Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Najma

93 1978 Abhi To Mein Jawan Hun Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Sabiha, Nayyar Sultana

94 1978 Achhey Mian Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Jamshed Ansari, Masood Akhtar

95 1978 Ankhon Ankhon Mein Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Nanha, Talish

96 1978 Anmol Mohabbat Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Nanha, Tamanna, Ibrim Nafees

97 1978 Awaz Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Naghma

98 1978 Intekhab Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Tamanna

99 1978 Milan Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Rehman, Nayyar Sultana

100 1978 Saheli Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Rani, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Nanha, Ibrahim Nafees

101 1978 Aabshar Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Lehri

102 1979 Chalte chalte Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Lehri

103 1979 Nazr-e-Karam Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Usman Peerzada, Naveen Tajik

104 1979 Nishani Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Qavi, Tariq Aziz, Nayyar Sultana

105 1979 Pakeeza Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Rahat Kazmi, Naveen Tajik

106 1980 Azmaish Urdu Shabnam, Shahid, Rahat Kazmi

107 1980 Badaltey Mousam Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Waseem Abbas, Tira Naqvi

108 1980 Bandish Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Lady Daina, Allauddin, Talish

109 1980 Hum Dono Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Kemal, Nimmi, Aslam Pervez

110 1980 Nahin Abhi Nahin Urdu Shabnam, Faisal, Ayaz, Aarzoo

111 1980 Pyari Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Nisho, Naghma, Qavi

112 1980 Rishta Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Anjuman, Sabiha, Allauddin

113 1981 Faaslay Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Bazgha, Nanha

114 1981 Ghaerao Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Asif Khan

115 1981 Kiran Aur Kali Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Lehri

116 1981 Qurbani Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Master Khurrum, Deeba, Afzaal, Nimmo

117 1981 Tange Wali Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Bindia, Afzaal, Nanha

118 1982 Biwi Ho To Aisi Urdu Shabnam, Shafi Mohammad

119 1982 I Love You Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Shahid, Arzoo, Shehla Gil, Nanha

120 1982 Khoobsoorat Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Shujaat Hashmi, Bazgha, Nanha

121 1982 Naseeb Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Bazgha

122 1982 Saharey Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Nisho, Faisal Iqbal, Shazia, Ghulam Farid Sabri, Maqbool Sabri

123 1982 Zara Si Baat Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Mumtaz, Waseem Abbas, Gori

124 1982 Aahat Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Bindia, Waheed Murad, Talish

125 1983 Deewangi Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Bazgha, Aurangzeb, Munawer saeed

126 1983 Dehleez Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Shahida Minni, Afzaal, Aslam Pervez, Talish

127 1983 Gumnam Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Talat Hussain, Abid Ali, Afzaal

128 1983 Kabhi Alwida Na Kehna Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh

129 1983 Maang Meri Bhar Do Urdu Shabnam, Waheed Murad, Mohammad Ali, Lehri, Ishrat

130 1983 Aaj Ki Raat Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Zamurrad, Lehri, Allauddin

131 1984 Aisa Bhi Hota Hai Urdu Shabnam, Shafi Mohammad, Arifa Siddiqi, Tamanna, Lehri

132 1984 Andhi Aur Toofan Urdu Shabnam, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Mohammad Ali, Habib

133 1984 Barood Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Sultan Rahi, Asif Khan

134 1984 Doorian Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Faisal, Aarzoo, Talish

135 1984 Kamyabi Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Master Khurrum, Nanhha, Sabiha

136 1984 Lazawal Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Javed Sheikh, Ghulam Mohayuddin

137 1984 Naseebon Wali Urdu Shabnam, Shafi Mohammad, Mohammad Ali

138 1984 Naam Mera Badnam Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Sangeeta, Ayaz, Kaveeta

139 1984 Shadi Magar Adhi Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh

140 1984 Tere Ghar Ke Samne Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh

141 1985 Benazir Qurbani Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh

142 1985 Naraz Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Faisal, Arifa Siddiqi, Tailsh

143 1986 Faisla Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Javaid Sheikh, Talish, Afzaal

144 1986 Jhoomar Chor Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh, Ejaz, Zamurrad

145 1986 Shadi Mere Shohar Ki Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh

146 1987 Bazi Punjabi Shabnam, Sultan Rahi, Neeli

147 1987 Kaloo Punjabi Shabnam, Sultan Rahi, Yousuf Khan

148 1987 Love in Nepal Urdu Shabnam, Ismael Shah

149 1987 Malka Punjabi Shabnam, Yousuf Khan, Mustafa Qureshi

150 1987 Masti Khan Urdu Shabnam, Ghulam Mohayuddin, Mohammad Ali

151 1987 Saas Meri Saheli Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh, Ayaz

152 1987 Teri Banhon Mein Urdu Shabnam, Mohammad Ali, Sonia, Babar, Rangeela

153 1988 Sheesh Nagin Urdu Shabnam, Javed Sheikh

154 1989 Lady Commando Urdu Shabnam, Babra Sharif, Ghulam Mohayuddin

155 1993 Ranjish Urdu Shabnam, Razzaq, Zafar

156 1994 Rani Beti Raj Karegi Punjabi Reema, Umar Sharif, Shabnam, Sultan Rahi

157 1995 Awargi Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Madiha Shah, Shaan, Umar Sharif, Resham

158 1996 Saza Urdu Shabnam, Faisal Qureshi

159 1997 Aulad Ki Qasam Urdu Shabnam, Nadeem, Reema, Babur Ali, Izhar Qazi

160 1999 Amma Jan Bengali Shabnam

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