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Syed Noor (full name Syed Ghulam Mohyuddin Noor) (Punjabi, Urdu: سید نور‎) (born on February 21, 1951) is a Pakistani film director based in Lahore. He is considered as one of the best filmmaker of Pakistan and is famous for making issue-based films wrapped in entertainment. He has to his cr . some of Lollywood’s biggest hits like Choorian, Jeeva and Deewane Tere Pyar Ke.

Noor is often cr .ed for re-vitalizing the Lollywood industry during the mid-90s, a period during which he directed hits such as Jeeva,Chor Machaye Shor and Ghoongat. In recent years Noor has often faced criticism for his casting choices and his reliance on outdated technology. Noor countered his critics with his last flick Larki Panjaban where he used some of the best gadgets to make the film. He has the cr . of bringing the first Avid machine to Pakistan, a software used for film  .ing. His latest Punjabi releaseMajajan is doing very well at the box office.

Noor, the 60 year old filmmaker suffered a paralysis stroke early on Dec 31, 2011 and was brought to Sheikh Zayad Hospital. According to doctors, he suffered with mild stroke and he is out of danger. However, the doctors suggested him to remain in hospital for some days.[1]

Early life[ .]

Syed Noor achieved a bachelors degree in journalism from Dayal Singh College in Lahore. Syed Noor wasn’t going to wait for success, he went looking for it. As a freelance reporter he was ever where looking for that one break, which soon enough came in the form of Mr S. Suliman who having seen Syed Noor’s work picked him to be his assistant. This was the turning point for Noor sahib as this opened a lot of doors for him. As Syed was a talented writer he was asked to write some thing which was new, something which would make people see a different side of lollywood. Soon Syed Noor wrote a film called, Society Girl, the film was directed by none other than the famous actress Sangeeta,the film was a super hit at the box office. So far Syed Noor has written over 400 scripts and stories earning him numerous awards such as, The Nigar award and the National Award just to mention afew.[2]

Personal life[ .]

Syed Noor lives in Lahore,Pakistan.On 20 April 1984 he married Rukhsana Noor, they have 4 children. Syed Noor was first romantically linked to the Pakistani actress, Saima in the late nineties. On 1 May 2007, Saima in a press conference said that she married Syed Noor in July 2005.[3] and he is her husband

Direction[ .]

Syed Noor’s directorial debut was Qasam, released in 1992, at the time when the Pakistani FIlm Industry also known as Lollywood at its low point. Violent Punjabi blockbusters had taken over the Cinema of Pakistan. Syed Noor’s Qasam, came as a breath of fresh air and induced new life and energy into the ailing film industry.The phenomenal success ofQasam was followed by other hits like, Jeeva,Sargam,Sangam.Hawaein,Ghoonghat and Deewanay Tere Pyaar Kay. Syed Noor achieved new levels of success with his major blockbuster,Choorian,Larki Punjaban and the most recent Majajan, which is still playing in around Pakistan for years later.[4]

Current projects[ .]

Currently,Syed Noor is working in partnership with a British producer,Afzal M.Khan, who has already financed and produced 2 successful films. Afzal M.Khan has bought out the former Shabab Studio, occupying some 12 acres-over 100 kanals. Afzal Khan and Syed Noor have established the very first film and theater academy in Pakistan by the name of Paragon Academy of Performing Arts (PAPA), with the hope to introduce creativity and an interest for film making and acting among the youth of Pakistan. Afzal Khan plans to develop and revive the former Shabab Studio to its former glory. The state of the art studio will have floors for shooting films and TV projects. The studio will have state of the art dubbing, music recording and  .ing facilities.

Syed Noor is currently working on most awaited film of his lifetime called Price of Honour, a film based on Honour Killings in Pakistan. The film is completed and was supposed to be released on Eid-ul-Azha but was delayed as the condition of the country is in critical situation due to the floods. Another Syed Noor project called Wohti Le Kay Jani Aey, was released on Eid-ul-Fitr 2010, making 8 million rupees in just 2 days. The cinematography,  .ing and the camera’s capture are top nosh, he’s finally got out of using cheap rusty old cameras.

Filmography[ .]

Director[ .]





1993 Qasam Urdu Irum Hassan, Saleem Sheikh, Kaveeta, Nadeem Baig
1995 Jeeva Urdu Resham, Babar Ali, Javed Sheikh, Neeli
Sargam Urdu Zeba Bakhtiar, Adnan Sami, Nadeem
1996 Hawaien Urdu Reema Khan, Saud, Meera
Ghunghat Urdu Saima, Resham, Shaan, Andaleeb
Raju Ban Gaya Gentleman Urdu Jan Rambo, Meera, Laila, Andaleeb, Mohsin Khan
1997 Uqabon Ka Nasheman Urdu Reema Khan, Babar Ali, Jan Rambo, Javed Sheikh
Sangam Urdu Resham, Shaan, Sana Nawaz,
Raja Pakistani Urdu Nirma, Reema Khan, Babar Ali, Sahiba Afzal,
Deewane Tere Pyar Ke Urdu Reema Khan, Babar Ali, Sahiba Afzal,
1998 Muhafiz Urdu Saima, Nadeem Baig, Jana Malik, Sahiba Afzal,
Zewar Urdu Reema Khan, Babar Ali, Sahiba Afzal, Jan Rambo
Zor Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Jana Malik
Choorian Punjabi Saima, Moammar Rana, Nargis
Deewarain Urdu Saima, Reema Khan, Babar Ali,
Dupatta Jal Raha Hai Urdu Jan Rambo, Meera, Laila, Mohsin Khan
1999 Daku Rani Urdu Saima, Shaan, Moammar Rana,
2000 Mehndi Waley Hath Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Deeba,
Angaray Urdu Saima, Shaan, Deeba,
Jungle Queen Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Saira Khan, Jan Rambo,
Billi Urdu Saima, Noor, Sahiba Afzal,
Lakhon Main Aik Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Abid Ali,
Beti Urdu Saima, Babar Ali, Moammar Rana, Sana
2001 Daket Urdu Saima, Shaan, Moammar Rana, Resham
Chooriyan Nahin Hathkarian Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Arbaaz Khan
Uff Yeh Beewiyan Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Reema Khan
Sapne Apne Apne Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Saud
Baghi Urdu Saima, Shaan, Saud
2002 Sholay Urdu Saima, Shaan, Reema Khan
Behram Daku Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Babar Ali
Buddha Gujjar Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Resham
2003 Commando Urdu Saima, Shaan, Zara Sheikh
Larki Punjaban Urdu Saima, Shamyl Khan, Babar Ali
2004 Hum Aik Hain Urdu Saima, Shaan, Shamyl Khan
2006 Majajan Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Saud
2007 Jhoomer Urdu Saima, Moammar Rana, Aleena
2010 Wohti Lay Kar Jani Aye Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Mustafa Qureshi
2011 Aik Aur Ghazi Punjabi Saima, Heera Malik, Safqat Cheema
Jugni Punjabi Saima, Shaan, Moammar Rana
Dane Pay Dana Punjabi Saima, Moammar Rana, Haya Ali
2012 Sharika Punjabi Saima, Shaan
Meri Shaadi Karao Punjabi Gurdeep Mehndi, Sakhawat Naz
2013 Ik Si Sher Punjabi Saima, Shaan Shahid
2013 Devar Bhabhi Urdu Saima Noor, Sami Khan, Saud, Sadia Khan

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