Munawar iqbal

Munawar Iqbal, (born February 27, 1948, in Lahore), the former Pakistan No. 3, was 16 when he first played for Pakistan at theDavis Cup, first competing in 1964. He made it to the second round at Beckenham, United Kingdom in 1968 at his first ATP Tournament. Then in 1973, at Bournemouth, United Kingdom, he was knocked out at the first round. Later in Newport, he was through to the second round, before being beaten by Briton David Lloyd 4–6 7–9. In 1974, he played his final ATP Tournament atManchester, losing in the first round.


In 1973, he made it to the first round of the Wimbledon singles, and in 1974, he made it into the first round singles of the French Open.

Iqbal made it to the first round of the US Open doubles, partnered by fellow Pakistani Saeed Meer. He also played the mixed doubles at Wimbledon with Briton Jackie Fayter, the furthest they got to was the third round.

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