Mahmood alam

Mahmoud Alam (born in British India) is a former tennis player from Pakistan, who represented the country in the Davis Cup and also played at Wimbledon.He is the first Pakistani to reach the second round in 1948 at Wimbledon during the pre-open era. He was one of two Pakistanis at the tournament.



  • 1st round: defeated Bela Peto of Hungary, 6–3 5–7 6–4 6–3.
  • 2nd round: lost to Egyptian Marcel Coen 7–9 4–6 7–5 3–6.


Alam represented Pakistan in 2 ties in 1948 against Switzerland and in 1950 against Philippines.[2] He overall record was 0–6.[3]

  • Singles: 0–4
  • Doubles: 0–2

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